Property Investment Services

Portfolio Investment Asset Management

  • We view property investment as being a 'marriage' between landlord and tenant
  • Experience has shown us that proactive property investment management can significantly increase returns from property investment
  • Being proactive will also reduce risks
  • We liaise closely with tenants to establish their longer term property requirements so that an investor can maximise the security of their property income whilst tenants continue to 'enjoy' their occupation of the property
  • We can provide advice that is tailored to your specific property investment criteria
  • We aim to maximise returns for real estate investors

Strategic Investment Review

  • We can undertake a review of your property investment portfolio and provide you with an overview and analysis of its performance
  • We can advise as to whether the portfolio is meeting your original and current objectives
  • We can consider the likely future performance of the properties and to set future investment goals, working with you to implement the chosen strategies

Investment sale and acquisition

INVESTMENT SALES - We understand that every property is unique and the timing of a sale (relative to lease lengths, rent reviews and tenant trading conditions etc) could have a significant impact upon the sale price that can be achieved.  We will work with you and the property to advice on the optimum timing of sale and will target the marketing to carefully selected investors.  We will advice you if a specific pro-active investment management strategy is worth pursuing before a property is offered for sale.

INVESTMENT ACQUISITIONS - We use our long-term experience and connections to identify investment properties that match investor's requirements.  We act for investors in the acquisition of property investment opportunities.  Not all property investments are offered for sale in the open market and we therefore help to identify opportunities before they become available in the mass open market through our connections with property owners and commercial property agents who deal in investment property sales.  We can also advice you if you find a property that you are considering buying and will assist in the acquisition of the property on your behalf.  We work closely with you, solicitors, bankers and others during the transaction process to ensure the satisfactory completion of the transaction.

Our other key services include:-